Spring/ Summer 2017 Jewelry Trends

#1: No Standstill for Chokers

Oh, my stars and garters! Are chokers ever going to leave the runways? This spring 2017 jewelry trend rooted in the ‘90s is obviously playing the hardest for several seasons in a row, yet without one iota of monotony to them.

These seductive pieces, able to jazz up any outfit, aren’t throwing in the towel in the upcoming season as well. Ranging from thin fragile styles that we noticed at Christian Dior and Coach 1941 to BDSM-suggestive leather ones at Damir Doma and Bibhu Mohapatra to those neck covering bizarre ones at Dsquared2, chokers are definitely your safe haven whenever no other solution comes to mind. 

Spring/ Summer 2017 Jewelry Trends: Chokers

Spring/ Summer 2017 Jewelry Trends: Chokers

Spring/ Summer 2017 Jewelry Trends: Chokers

#2: Non-Identical Earrings

Who says your earrings should be like two peas in a pod? The spring/ summer 2017 jewelry trends came to amp up the way of carrying non-identical earrings and going out and about. This high-spirited spring 2017 jewelry trend is a strong propaganda to leave behind everything symmetric and balanced, thus opening up the whole charm of asymmetry.

Some of the leading designers delighted the fashion-addicted masses with abruptly different earrings, while others kept the things a little bit balanced out playing only with some details or colors.

It was at Alexander McQueen runway show that we saw wraparound massive earrings matched with dangle ones similar only in material, while at J.W. Anderson, one could hardly miss out on those pairs of drop earrings different as night and day.

Non-identical pairs of earrings were also running over in Marni’s architectural collection as often as not happening as a combination of flirty floral samples with their more classic counterparts.

Prabal Gurung’s models dished out an alluring scene of deconstructed and elongated silhouettes with differently designed graphical earrings; Rodarte confidently played with length (that’s the long and the short of it), while at Christian Dior, it was all about not so matchy-matchy tiny insect-shaped earrings. 

Spring/ Summer 2017 Jewelry Trends: Non-Identical Earrings

#3: One Earring Lost or What?

If looking daring come the spring season is on the cards, let’s snap up this chance and invest in another spring/ summer 2017 jewelry trend that has been happening in every nook and cranny of the runways for already several seasons in a row. But if you want to catch something new in this time-honored jewelry trend, be prepared that the upcoming single earrings are not hassle-free any more.

Just throw a glance at Mary Katrantzou’s models that showed an inimitable single earring game through those leafy samples at times even dropping down and around their necks. At Versus Versace, those dangle silver chain mail earrings are just perfectly resonating with the club-friendly garment pieces.

Zuhair Murad goes the extra mile combining a single stud earring with a cuff one, thus almost entirely covering the ear, while Balmain’s one earring interpretation is silver, solid and sharp.

We are also bowled over by some playful geometric numbers brought to the table by Jil Sander, Roksanda and Esteban Cortazar, while the arrow-shaped threader single earrings at Arthur Arbesser are nothing more than a strong suggestion to be a straight arrow from this time forth. 

Spring/ Summer 2017 Jewelry Trends: Single Earring

Spring/ Summer 2017 Jewelry Trends: Single Earring

#4: Can’t-Miss-It Pendants

If you want to be in the spotlight come the spring season, anchor your hope on can’t-miss-it pendants that shape up the next great spring 2017 jewelry trend. Pendants touching the recent runways were truly giant, bizarre and off-the-wall, at times even overshadowing the rest of the panoply.

It is indubitably the Spanish Loewe under the tutelage of Jonathan Anderson that is running the show of pendants. They were just giant, in the shape of bats and hanging down from leather ropes. At Mulberry, it was indeed impossible to pass by that large hand-shaped pendant as a nod to the accessory-oriented aesthetics of Johnny Coca, the creative director of the house.

Chunky metallic medallions spotted at Coach 1941 had some rebellious feeling to them, especially when teamed with leather biker jackets, while the silver pendants that we saw at Daks were infused with some Indian touches and channeled alluring vintage feeling.

At Hermes, things took a more refined spin bringing to the table a zero cool eye-shaped pendant; Chanel’s pendant interpretation was crystal shine, while Givenchy pulled off to show the strongest pendant game playing hard with those giant raw stone pendants hanging down from chunky chains.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Jewelry Trends: Pendants

#5: Upping the Ante with Upper Arm Bracelets

In the months ahead, bracelets tend to walk upper and upper channeling the unique Asian aesthetics and shaping up one of the coolest spring 2017 jewelry trends. If you haven’t yet tried this bracelet style, maybe it’s high time to dip your toe in the water and sport some fresh new looks when spring sunrays just call for bare arms.

These unique jewelry pieces indubitably come up in the world with some cutout goddess-worthy frocks able to wrap its wearer with some cabalistic feeling.

London-based Ashish with Indian roots could not but lead the pack in this amazing summer 2017 jewelry trend sending its models, both male and female, down the runway with golden upper arm bracelets at times on both arms, at times even worn over a shirt.

Balmain’s Olivier Rousteing also participated in the formation of this spring 2017 jewelry trend raising the bar with multiple upper arm bracelets looking incredibly alluring with those scandalously cutout gowns.

At Carolina Herrera, the upper arm bracelet was sinuous, perfectly resonating with the Greek-style one-shoulder dress, while what we saw at Roberto Cavalli was a snake game on the arm.

Upper arm bracelets were also spotted at Fenty x Puma on both arms and in the form of multiple pearl strands, but it was definitely at Maison Margiela that these bracelets took a more eccentric turn; after all John Galliano is on the stage.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Jewelry Trends: Upper Arm Bracelets

#6: Lanyards as Jewelry Pieces?

While chokers or pendants or single earrings are run-of-the-mill issues happening year in, year out, lanyards that are originally meant to secure a whistle or a knife, are to be used as unique necklace styles from this time onward.

Still embarrassed by this brand new spring/ summer 2017 jewelry trend? Just clap your hands and welcome this practical solution of designers to hold your essentials around your necks.

Alexander Wang seconds this idea serving up a range of lanyards in neon orange, green and yellow colors holding some trinkets; at Chanel, lanyard is a different kettle of fish, chicer and more elegant holding square pendants, while at Chloé, lanyards take a more practical turn securing a bunch of keys.

Want to see a whole lot stranger implementation of this spring 2017 jewelry trend? Wear them without holding anything, much as we saw at Assembly New York. 

Spring/ Summer 2017 Jewelry Trends: Lanyards as Necklaces

#7: Piles of Bracelets: Jail your Arms!

If you want to be on a winning streak come the spring season, just increase the number of your bracelets and do it in an audacious way like an Arabic belly dancer.

Multiple bracelets jailing one arm or both were happening at every turn on the recent runways just to strike the right chord with the women who like to rush in making a noise. What else could make that flirty jingle-jangle than piles of bracelets?

Whether we look at those metallic heavy bracelets with red stones at Alexander McQueen or golden multiple ones at Alexander Vauthier, one thing is certain: lightness and easiness are not welcomed the season to come.

At Andrew Gn, we saw multiple leather bracelets with punk codes; at Ashish, golden bracelets become more and more in number literally arresting both arms, while at Rodarte, this complex summer 2017 jewelry trend is dished out in silver and golden combinations, each staple featuring an abruptly different design.

More of this trend can be seen at the likes of Daks, For Restless Sleepers, Gareth Pugh, Marni and Aquilano.Rimondi.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Jewelry Trends: Piles of Braceletes

#8: All Eyes on Ears: Massive Earrings Everywhere

“No pain, no gain”, the next spring/ summer 2017 jewelry trend reads and ensures that with those massive earrings on your ears you have a snowball’s chance in hell not to steal the show. The spring/ summer 2017 runways were literally teeming with heavy, massive and bizarre staples, at times bejeweled to bits, at times more focused on unique graphical designs.

Alexander McQueen and Gucci are leading the way in bejeweled sphere, the latter suggesting overloading the ears with bejeweled big birds or a bunch of flowers. At Proenza Schouler, white and red dangle earrings feature some graphical allure, while at Giorgio Armani, elegant graphical numbers are playing for higher stakes.

Want something more spring-worthy? Look no further than Delpozo’s massive cuff earrings falling down the shoulders, in bright colors and praising blossomed ears.

At Dsquared2, everything is more complicated – ribbon bows mixed in with hearts, lips and crosses, while at Maison Margiela, John Galliano is confidently advocating “the stranger, the better” concept with those cuff loop earrings with a crystal stone in the center and a sharp ending.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Jewelry Trends: Massive Earrings

Spring/ Summer 2017 Jewelry Trends: Massive Earrings

Spring/ Summer 2017 Jewelry Trends: Massive Earrings

Spring/ Summer 2017 Jewelry Trends: Massive Earrings

#9: Going Religious: Crosses Are In

There is no other jewelry piece than crosses to spit out your being a religious person. So if you are really a Christian, you will be just cool with those cross earrings and necklaces crossing the runways of late, while others might remain just poker-faced at this spring/ summer 2017 jewelry trend. Though, some designs are chicer than expected not to try on, regardless of religious affiliation.

Take, for example, the black cross earrings with golden frames at Dolce & Gabbana’s typical Italian show or make a beeline for the Dsquared2 show to see those killer red cross pendants hanging from chunky chains or collar necklaces. There is also Fenty x Puma to get us all go into raptures about those bronze crosses hanging from pearl strands.

But there is one single designer who is surely triumphing over the others when it comes to showing strong Catholicism through fashion. Fausto Puglisi set the stage for religious atmosphere, starting from wooden prison hung with religious iconography and church incense odor to oceans of cross earrings and pendants of different designs and sizes. Hallelujah!

Spring/ Summer 2017 Jewelry Trends: Religious Crosses

#10: Foot Candy Anklets

The spring/ summer season brings in major joy and delight in fashion circuit starting from baring your shoulders and legs to freeing your feet from those foot-wrapping winter boots. So when barefoot or wearing flirty sandals, what else could work better than ankle bracelets with some bohemian touches to them?

This playful spring/ summer 2017 jewelry trend has become the foot candy at many runway shows, starting from pearl strands at Fenty x Puma to golden samples with animal head trinkets at John Galliano.

But there were also some out of left field options that are able to surprise and petrify anyone out there. Just run an eye over those intricate tasseled anklets on both feet at Lanvin or double chic ones at Rodarte looking simply amazing with high heels. At Attico, anklets are buckled and velvety, while at Loewe, we see a gigantic golden flower as if blossomed on the models’ feet.

Anklets also popped up at Creatures of Comfort, Diane von Furstenberg and Giamba.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Jewelry Trends: Anklets

#11: Identical Bracelets on Both Arms

While the spring/ summer 2017 jewelry trends require swearing off identical earrings and rocking not so matchy-matchy pairs, identical bracelets pop up as their reverse statements. The majority of fashion designers adopted this bracelet trend that is potent enough to become viral among us.

It was Karl Lagerfeld toying with identical bracelets for Chanel, delivering bejweled cuff bracelets of different styles. At Etro and Daks, identical cuff bracelets are solid and metallic, at Issey Miyake and Jeremy Scott – taking some interesting geometrical shapes, while Junya Watanabe, with nods to punk movement.

This great summer 2017 accessory trend is also happening at Louis Vuitton, Sportmax, Undercover, Barbara Casasola and many more.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Jewelry Trends: Identical Bracelets on Both Arms

#12: Tassels Are Still In

The fervent period of tassels has already passed but there is poor possibility that we will ever bid adieu to this jewelry trend and for good luck. Otherwise what else could so successfully spread bohemian vibes in the air if not flitter-flutter tassels?

Tassel jewelry pieces make up the next spring 2017 accessory trend that we have noticed on the runways with a good dose of playfulness to them.

Start from Karen Walker’s colorful tassel earrings and Lanvin’s golden assemblage and finish it off with Stella Jean’s tassel pendants. Tadashi Shoji’s and Wanda Nylon’s tassel interpretations are white beaded earrings, while at No. 21, beaded tassels come in mix with furry balls. Get more unique tassel samples at Sachin and Babi, Saint Laurent, Trina Turk or Kenzo.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Jewelry Trends: Tasselled Jewelry

#13: Two-in-One Jewelry Pieces

Two-in-one jewelry pieces are arriving in a great way and that’s the spirit! No need any more to invest in two separate pieces; one single acquirement and you cover two bases at the same time. This practical spring/ summer 2017 jewelry trend was happening at many runways shows in different combinations.

At Gucci, bracelet + ring versions are dainty channeling a single bracelet with multiple rings. More bejeweled bracelet + ring renditions are happening at Ashish, while with Elie Saab we are thrown into a stardust world.

At Rodarte, the two-in-one concept comes into play through cuff earrings united by a chain hanging down and around the chin as if a necklace.

Want something more off-the-track? Look to Vionnet or Jill Stuart to see the best way to rock the necklace + belt symbiosis.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Jewelry Trends: 2-in-1 Jewelry

#14: Bejeweled Brooches vs. Fabric Flower Pins

Always thinking of brooches as something old-fashioned and granny-worthy? Leave these thoughts behind, as brooches have never been so trendy and so versatile before.

You might be just spoiled for choice whether to go in for bejeweled pieces or fabric floral staples. Balenciaga’s ‘80s-inspired blouses à la Dynasty and spandex leggings are just screaming to be replenished with bejeweled round-shaped brooches fixed on different places.

At Dries Van Noten, elegant black brooches look harmonious on blazer lapels, while at Gucci and Manish Arora, massive bejeweled brooches are nestled on collars. But it is definitely Dolce & Gabbana riding high with oceans of brooches spread here and there.

Want to go more romantic? Fabric floral pins are surely to fill the bill and throw you into some spring-worthy floral zone. From floral pins on blazer lapels happening at Chanel, Gucci or Lanvin to those bohemian versions on lightweight dresses at Anna Sui and Sonia Rykiel, we say strong YES to this spring/ summer 2017 accessory trend.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Jewelry Trends: Brooches & Pins

#15: Loading Up on Rings

Bored with your old looks? Ring the changes with multiple rings that landed on the runways and shaped the next spring 2017 jewelry trend. Whether the fashion designers had a bee in the bonnet to arm the females or were just striving to bring female hands to the fore, loading up on rings is the order of the upcoming spring.

While at Acne Studios, Bibhu Mohapatra or Fausto Puglisi, two rings on a hand were enough, at Gucci, we see tiny bejeweled rings on all the five fingers. Multiple pearl rings made some crazy appearance at Fenty x Puma as well, while at Christian Dior, multiple thin rings do the talking.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Jewelry Trends: Piles of Rings

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