Ultimate Military Army Outpost Weapon Pack Toy for Custom Bricks Minifigures

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  • The Ultimate Military Outpost Pack for your minifigures. This Ultimate Military Outpost Pack complements with others Ultimate Pack Series such as Ultimate Weapons pack.
  • This military outpost pack contains many essential weapons, body armors, defense gears and other MISC gears and many tools. This Ultimate Military Outpost Pack will prepare your outpost for any attacks. Your defense will becomes impenetrable and your solders will be ready for any situations.
  • Armor gears include: gas masks, full face protection helmets, night vision / thermal goggle helmets, various body armors and tactical bomb suits.
  • Weapons include: 3 multiple pieces construction various heavy machine guns, 2 artillery weapon mortars, over 25+ various weapons such as sniper rifles, RPGs, machine guns, shotguns, tactical gears, handguns and many more. MISC include: Sand bags, gas canister, oil barrels and barbed wire barricades.
  • What you see is what you will get! Great military outpost set and accessories for your army / soldier minifigures.
  •  Recommend Age: 13 Years & Up

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