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Simba Rotary Sponge Bottle Brush w/ Nipple Brush

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  • Quality high intensity sponge is easy to dry and does not scratches to bottles or nipples.
  • The Sponge is manufactured through high temperature treatment which is more durable than normal sponge.
  • A 360 degree rotatable brush handle with quality head sponge brush ensure that the milk remained on the inside wall and bottom edge could be removed.
  • Neck cap and some small parts could be cleanned with nipple brush.
  • Material: SPONGE & PP; Heat Resistance: wash with warm water.


Important Information

Safety Information
1. The product is designed for bottle wash only, never use it other than bottle washing to prevent distortion. 2. Never place the brush set in high temperature enviornment or near fire. 3. The product need to used while an adult is accompanied to avoid any danger.

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