Sanrio Hello Kitty Mosquito Bug Repellent Stickers Patch 3M Adhesive for Kids Adults (Deet FREE)

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  • Sanrio Hello Kitty Mosquito Repellent Sticker (1 pack comes with 12 stickers)
  • Deet FREE (Deet: effective but harmful pesticide/repellent causing skin irritation and side effect)
  • Made with Natural Lemongrass extract and polymer. Gentle natural formula. Safe for infants and adults. No skin contact required.
  • Each patch provides 72 hours protection with range of 1 cubic meter diameter
  • Sticker adhesives by USA 3M Technology. Authentic Sanrio Licensed Product


Sanrio Hello Kitty mosquito repellent stickers are natural and gentle to skin. Effective in protecting your skin against mosquito without using harmful pesticide and repellent. These mosquito repellent stickers gives 72 hours protection around one cubic meter diameter zone. Great for outdoor and indoor uses. Can be affixed on clothes, socks, hats, baby strollers, baby cribs (Keep reach out of infants), camping tents, etc. **Features: *1 package contains 12 mosquito repellent stickers. *3 different Hello Kitty facial features. *Peach-color tone adhesives in Hello Kitty shape. *Effective in protecting against mosquitoes and bugs. *Safe and gentle.*Small packaging made easy and convenient to carry anywhere. *Hello Kitty Sanrio Licensed Product.

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