Hello Kitty 360 Rotating Bottle Brush w/ Pacifier Brush Set (BPA Free)

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  •  Large rotating bottle brush that cleans residue thoroughly without the need of harsh scrubbing
  • Dimension: Bottle Brush: 12"1/2; Pacifier Brush: 4"3/4
  • Material: Nylon Bristles
  • Material: Polypropylene holders
  • Sanrio Licensed Products


New Rotating large bottle brushes have made bottle washing easier nowadays. With the large handle, and convenient height, this brush fits most standard bottles, and it is very easy to use. Simple rotates the handle, and bristles will brush bottle thoroughly. This brush is large enough to wash any baby bottle brand, water bottles, or any container that requires an extra "reach" to the bottom of the container. Smooth Rotating technique and brush full of bristles are main great features for this Sanrio Hello Kitty Brush. Authentic Sanrio Products.

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