Custom Crossbones, Brock Rumlow, Minifigure Building Blocks With Full Tactical Suit & Gears Lego compatible

Regular price $19.99
  • Crossbones (Brock Rumlow) a supervillain in Captain America Civil War Minifigure Building Blocks Collection With Full Customize Tactical Gears
  • Minifigure items includes: 1 Pair of Tactical Glove, 1 Assault Rifle and Tactical Body Strip Magazine Pouches.
  • Designs are pad painted onto the blocks - High quality.
  • Minifigure - Actual Picture shown, NOT 3D render picture.
  • Designed to be fully compatible with most other major building block brands.
  • Final Customized & Assembled in USA by Trendyz. Each block is hand selected and inspected.

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