Custom Bricks Shadow Force Recon Unit 5 Minifigures with Ghost & Gas Masks Army SWAT Delta SEAL Police Special Team With Weapons & Accessories Lego compatible

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  • Set of 5 Building Brick Block Minifigures Special Shadow Unit Team with Tactical Gears & Accessories. Actual Product's Picture shown, NOT 3D render JPG.
  • Characters are accessorized with their Tactical Combat Gears: 5x Gas Mask, 5 x Tactical helmets, 5 x Body Armor Vest, 5 x Backpack (detachable) and 10 various weapons (see picture for details).
  • Designs are pad painted onto the blocks - High quality.
  • Minifigure - Actual Picture shown, NOT 3D render picture.
  • Designed to be fully compatible with most other major building block brands.
  • Final Customized & Assembled in USA by Trendyz. Each block is hand selected and inspected.

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