Trendyz Minifigures: Ultimate Warrior Pack Weapon 70 Pcs: Helmets, Armors, Shields, Swords, Maces, War Hammer, Spears, Halberd and More Weapons for Custom Toy Bricks Minifigures

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  • 70 Custom Pieces minifigure accessories in black, gray and dark gray colors. All High Quality Non-Toxic Material and Detailed Custom Molded. This Ultimate warrior pack includes 12 Combat Helmets, 14 Body Armors, 12 Battle Shields and 32 Various Weapons.
  • Helmet Include: Gladiator Helmets, Full Face Medieval Helmet, Spartan / Greek Helmet etc... Body Armors Include: Leather Armor, Metal Medieval Armor, Full Body Spike Amor, Roman / Greek Armor and more.
  • Weapons Include: Excalibur, War Hammer, Halberd, Battle Mace, Morning Star Mace, Spear, Pike, Poleaxe, Viking Sword, Long Sword, Spartan Sword, Archery and more.
  • Shields Include: Round Wooden Shield, Iron Shield, Wooden Shield, Spike Shield, Metal Buckler and Orc Shield.
  • Designed for Toy Minifgiures and Custom Bricks. (*MINIFIGURES ARE NOT INCLUDED) Design is fully compatible with most other major building block brands. Each block is hand selected and inspected. Manufactured under Trendyz Minifigures specification.  Final customized & assembled in USA by Trendyz.
  •  Recommend Age: 13 Years & Up

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